Shamley Super Scout  For the utmost in accuracy, durability and prestige

  The Shamley Super Scouttm - Quite possibly the ultimate combination rifle package and definitely the only one of its kind.

The Shamley Super Scouttm rifle combines the strengths and best attributes of a traditional hunting rifle and a "Scout Rifle" in one package.  It is one of the favorites for our one-on-one setting and educating of people to build while under our careful eye, many claiming it was the best enhancement they did to their collection.  All as well enjoying the educational experience of doing their own work under close and personal supervision.

Mauser-type action = The heart of the rifle is built on strength and reliability.
Open sight back-up = For those times when your optical sights might fail.  Another words, real-world situations and conditions.
Barrel length = Through extensive ballistics testing on a caliber-by-caliber basis, the shortest most efficient barrel length is chosen.
Exclusive Dual Optical Mount System (DOMS)tm = The ability to quickly change between normal eye relief / high magnification scopes and forward-mounted / low magnification scopes while retaining zero.
Removable magazine = Another Shamley Super Scouttmfeature allowing the user to quickly reload or switch between ammunition types depending on the situation at hand - no more dumping ammunition on the ground.
Optional muzzle break = Machined exclusively to the caliber in use, enhancing accuracy and reducing recoil by 40% - 50% along with almost no muzzle rise.
Synthetic stock = Standard on the rifle for all-weather stability, but will substitute with a stock of the clients choice.
Metallic Pillar bedding = Enhanced accuracy with added durability for repeated take-downs or for those real-world conditions that usually aren't kind.
Shamley Shooting Slingtm = Not just another carrying strap, but a refined means for transporting the rifle hands free and offer the user more accurate shooting through proper shooting geometry.
Hand Crafted = As with all Shamley Arms rifles each one is hand built by you, the individual client, not mass-produced.