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   Shamley Arms strives to bring the rifle owner a product comprised of strength, rooted in hand craftsmanship and delivering accuracy which excels. 

I don't just help build a rifle, I help the client build a personalized shooting instrument which is rugged, personally appointed and thoroughly tested". 

- Doyel Shamley; owner, rifle smith, shooter and hunter.

Each rifle undergoes an accuracy test held to our strict sub minute-of-angle standard and the customized load data for each rifle is recorded along with the recommended factory loading. Ballistics charts displaying items such as incremental distance, energy, flight path, flight time, drop and maximum point blank range are included with each Shamley Arms rifle.

I prefer to work with each customer on a one-to-one basis so please contact me for options, recommendations and advice.

Take a look through the website and discover the qualities and advantages of Shamley Arms.  The
Photo Gallery is always evolving, so return often to see the works of Shamley Arms.

Remember, these images are of personal projects of my own to enhance my collection.  We only work with customers in a one-on-one basis to educate them and afford them one-on-one shop time as an educational endeavor to help people built their own personalized item for their own personal use.  Unlike a school setting where there are multiple students to attend to by the staff, we here are based on a one-on-one experiece, educating the individual in the art and craft of building their own personal and precision instruments.  Whether it be to learn the crafts of balancing and blueprinting an action, properly installing barrels, or  beginning and advanceded reloading classes, you can count on us to teach you.

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